Prototyping Mould Tooling enables our customers to manufacture small batch production runs of between 100 – 300 units to see how those components perform before committing to full production tooling.

Normally moulding prototypes demand quick and accurate manufacture to meet very tight timescales. Any changes required can be implemented before expensive tooling has been made for full production.

With our experienced team of tool makers, specialist engineers and state of the art CNC facilities, we can deliver complex and challenging projects, using a flexible approach to achieve fast turnaround to the highest quality standards.

Our approach to testing, evaluation and mould flow analysis is quick, straight forward and cost effective.

Whether it involves the manufacture of a single piece or small family tooling, our pilot mould tools can be made from hard-anodised aluminium or a pre-toughened steel P20, and all are manufactured to our ISO 9000 standard.