Ad-Vance Engineering is currently working in partnership with Queen's University Belfast Polymer Processing Research Centre on a specific R&D project in to Silicone Moulding techniques: the future of plastics moulding.

In addition, this partnership arrangement strengthens our proposition enabling us to complete specialist polymer and plastics R&D projects on behalf of our customers. QUB's developmental resource perfectly complements our high-tech engineering service facilitating robust testing of tools and products as well as the production of detailed quality reports.

Ad-Vance Engineering’s continued commitment to research and development can be demonstrated by us being awarded patents for our unique tool designs. Our patented designs can deliver more impressions for the same footprint at a reduced cycle time compared to conventional tool designs. Continuous R&D in to polymers and plastics is critical in maintaining a sustainable plastics industry. So, if you have a specific R&D tooling project and are seeking an innovative partner then Ad-Vance Engineering in conjunction with QUB will guarantee to deliver a competitively priced project that won't compromise on quality.